Programmable Foil Winding Machines

Designed with state-of-art technology for Low voltage windings with automated features

Lamination Cut to Length Machines CLT-200

Designed with state-of-art technology with automated features for the special application like current and voltage transformers, inductors, dry type transformers

The Preci-Cut series Cut-To-Length machine assembled on a robotic welded steel tube structure frame is used to accommodate the high precision components like lamination feeders, punches and shears.

CTL series machines are used to cut the laminations for reactors, inductors and dry-type transformers.


Width Min 30 MM & max 200 mm
Length Min 20 MM & max 1500 mm
Core thickness 0.15 to 0.50 mm
Coil ID 350 mm Min
Coil OD 800 mm Max
Coil WEIGHT 1000 kg max
Punch Dia Min 6 mm - Max 20 mm
Punch Firing AC servo motor Driven